Resonance Course – feel awake to our interconnection with our living world

Workshops & Retreats

Mindfulness and the Work That Reconnects 
1 day retreat

  • Dates – TBC
  • Times -TBC
  • Place – The Community Farm, Chew Valley Lake

Resonance Course

  • Dates – TBC
  • Times – TBC
  • Place – Greyfield Woods

What is Resonance?

With Resonance workshops we ground ourselves, feel awake to our interconnection with our living world, to our ecological selves, and to our sensitivity to the condition of our planet. This is based on “The Work That Reconnects”, a body of work developed by respected spiritual scholar Joanna Macey and others over many decades and used all around the world.

In the course you will build on these aspects and also further your clarity of mind and purpose using Mindfulness, Movement and Deep Ecology. Beyond this, you will access practices that deepen your ability to recognise your strengths and unique gifts in the wider narrative into which you were born.

We will take the perspective of Deep Time to fully comprehend ourselves as the universe knowing itself; our consciousness an act of the universe’s limitless creativity.We, like a living system, will create outcomes not predictable from our component parts, as they grow from shared inspiration and from our heartfelt collaboration.

You will have opportunity to find and nourish the part of yourself that makes you feel most alive.

All the while being nourished by the view, food and drinks, comfort, and held in the landscape and the earth.

Join us to recognise your potential and feel activated to play your role in the Great Turning towards a life-sustaining future. By starting with compassion, joy and gratitude we will be in our best position to go forward.

We hope you are able to take this journey with us, to gain in strength and insight.

A typical Resonance day

  • Opening through gentle movements, stretches and sounds
  • Introduction to understanding “The Spiral”
  • Discussion on the basic assumptions of the “Work That Reconnects”


  • Generating Gratitude as a subversive act in a consumer society that cultivates greed
  • Consciously connecting with ourselves and landscape through mindfulness practice.
  • Exercise to explore our sense of self in our living world; discussion in pairs.


  • Digestive Chi Gong
  • Truth Mandala exercise
  • Walk across the organic farmland, letting the inspiring views of the landscape support our mindfulness.
  • Tibetan 5 sounds meditation
  • A letter from the future – the rights of future generations.
  • “Our world is not inherited from the ancestors, it is borrowed from our children”
  • Review and Close

Previous participants said…

“I like the link between mindfulness and positive action; staying present with the enormity of the problem, not shutting off…
TIbetan 5 Sounds very energising
Mara exercise creates specific goal, opportunity to practice ‘centering’
Very friendly group, easy to participate
Lovely setting
great lunch and cake!”

I liked the introduction of the day where we focussed on the moment and the body
Opening up the heart with singing and the discussion in parts opened up people’s interaction

As it is an introduction to a longer course its good to have
done a lot of mind openers for people to become aware of their own thoughts

I feel more centred and relaxed after the day”

“It has been a lovely day in beautiful surroundings
Interesting and thought provoking mixture of practices to help attune until our social consciousness and to aid clarity
Thank you for the wonderful food, for nurturing us and providing a safe space

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