Tree Climbing

Technical Tree Climbing

Learn the Tree Climbing techniques used by our specialist team of tree surgeons. Develop skills to move with ease through the heights of an ancient hornbeam or oak. For 7-16 year olds

Sessions are from 10am-4pm and also include fire skills / tools / craft / woodland exploration. Cooked lunch, hot chocolate & marshmallows included. £45 per session or £165 for all 4 sessions.

Dates:  28th April / 19th May / 16th June / 14th July

Wild Babies & Toddlers

A twice weekly drop-in group for under 5 year olds and their parents/ carers. From 10-11.45am on Tuesdays and Fridays in (B&NES) termtime. A toddler paced fun adventure of the elements and senses! Fires, dens, stream games, songs, crafts and snacks. Spot deer tracks or badger fur, make something beautiful, follow the seasons, climb, balance and splash! Meet at the start of the track to Greyfield Woods in High Littleton (at the fork in the road by the big oak tree). £4 for 2-5 yr olds, £2 for younger (max cost per family £6). Includes hot choc or juice, & snack.

EcoWild Adventures

Magical memories for children. Explore, learn about wildlife and get inspired by the natural world. Fire cooking, dens, environmental art, animal tracking, shelter building, tool and craft work, stream games, camouflage challenges, storytelling and more… A day or just a few hours spent on an EcoWild adventure will let your child set their soul free in the woods. Usually taking place in Greyfield Woods, a Woodland Trust property. See here for current dates now booking.

Birthday Parties

EcoWild offers Woodland Wildlife Adventure parties for children to experience the fun and wildness of the outdoors with their friends for their special day.

The cost is £12 per child for a minimum of 10, maximum of 20 children.


EcoWild offers respite days for groups which may include cooking lunch together on a fire, a range of natural art and crafts, the use of hand tools, wildlife identification and tracking, shelter building, foraging and of course boiling the kelly kettle for a fresh air cuppa or two.

Please contact us to find out how we can tailor a Respite Day to meet your needs.


We enjoy working with local schools and welcome enquiries for Outdoor Learning programmes for your setting. We currently work with 2 local Primaries and 2 Preschools. We have developed a wide range of sessions suited to the different developmental stages from preschool to Year 6. These progress from basic skills to more complex ecosystem based themes as we work through subsequent academic years with a year group, and also evolve with the children’s interests.

We aim to be creative, practical, fun, educational and supportive of confidence-building child-centred discovery. We are able to plan sessions to suit all types of settings and to work with teachers to design activities linking to the national curriculum.

If you would like to find out more about how we can work with your school, please get in touch with us.


The ecological issues of our time resonate in our minds and bodies, whether we take them in at an intellectual, practical or spiritual level, or even if we shut them out as much as humanly possible. They resonate because we are instinctively aware at a deep level that our lives depend on the healthy functioning of the biosphere.

How does the psychological impact of this knowledge affect our individual / collective ability to respond? In this course, approaches including gratitude, visioning and deep ecology will enable us. Through this process we discover our own unique gifts in the deeper narrative of which we are part; to feel capable and activated in the face of planetary crisis; to be part of creating the future we hope for.

Based on “The Work That Reconnects” by Joanna Macy, Deep Ecology & Ecospirituality

Workshop 27th May 10-5pm. Course starts 9th September 2018 and runs fortnightly on Sundays until the 4th November. Book now or  contact us to register your interest.

Nature Nurture

Woodland and Lakeside Willow Weaving, Wood Craft, Fire Cooking, Singing, Wildlife Walks, Wool Craft.

Wellbeing for adults. Tailored for carers, people who are isolated, at risk of mental health problems, and anyone in need of a break from busy lives. We know that contact with the natural world can transform your state of mind. These sessions will help to create a connection with the seasons through outdoor activities that stimulate, refresh and invigorate the senses. Building and cooking on a fire, identifying trees and wildlife, creating natural art, craft making, toolwork, shelter building, and being part of the ever changing and inspiring beauty of nature will give you new perspective. See the Wellbeing College to book Woodland or Lakeside sessions, or contact us to discuss / book your own event. Woodland sessions are held in Greyfield Woods in High Littleton and Lakeside sessions at the Chew Valley Community farm (technically overlooking the lake rather than beside it).

Woodland and Lakeside Mindfulness

In these fast paced modern times, it is easy to become disconnected and lose touch with our inner sense of feeling balanced and well in our everyday lives. This 6 week course teaches the basic skills of mindfulness and provides the experience of how being mindful outside in the elements of nature, even for short periods of time, can be so helpful for promoting balanced health and wellbeing.

Living in B&NES we are fortunate in that we are surrounded by beautiful countryside that is easily accessible to most people. Yet how many of us actually make use of this wonderful resource to help enrich and find peace in our demanding lives? Being outside in nature frees us from the confines and pressures we feel in everyday life, calms our busy thinking mind, encouraging moments of deeper peace and insight. It helps to remind us of the essence of who we really are, grounded and safe in each moment.

Mindfulness practice outdoors in the natural environment provides a nurturing and creative space to explore conscious awareness of sounds, sights, scents, textures and tastes of the elements abundant in nature, bringing us back to the sense of  joy and connection with ourselves in the present moment. This profound change of perspective helps us to appreciate the simpler things that are so easily overlooked. It inspires us to be more creative and helps us to explore how we can simply enrich and bring sense and deeper meaning to our everyday life.

During the sessions you will also get chance to use natural materials and gain skills in activities such as fire lighting with natural materials, using kelly kettles, charcoal making, hazel weaving / hurdling, making a swedish fire torch, god’s eyes & dreamcatchers, whittling a spiral or cooking fire bread.  We combine sitting or lying mindfulness exercises with these hands on experiences as they help us be present and connect with the living world around us. They are simple but therapeutic ways back to our nature connection. Sitting around a fire among the trees is another deeply rooted experience which helps us to be mindful. Contact the Wellbeing College to book.

Tai Chi in the Woods

Tai chi Tao Yin Fa is a Five Element Based meridian focused series of movements . The movements balance the energy in the body and mind, increasing wellbeing and energy. The practice of Tai chi in the natural environment is uplifting. Moving the chi on the earth, in the woods, feeling the gently dancing canopy of chestnut leaves in the autumn sun is a wonder to behold. We break half way through the practice of Tai Chi Tao Yin Fa to drink teas and share cake or other snacks. Contact the Wellbeing College to reserve your place.

Wild Drumming

We hold Wild Drumming events for adults in summer and autumn evenings. A highly experienced and inspirational drummer who has worked with many well known West African drummers brings her djembes and dununs to the trees! The deer peek through at our fireside gathering as we share a drink and snack inbetween playing intricate and beautiful rhythms that take no time to learn.

There are no Wild drumming events planned at the moment but contact us if you would like to be put on our mailing list, or if you would like us to bring fireside Wild Drumming to your setting.

Team Days

Take a break from the office or your usual workplace and let your team feel the benefits of fresh air, light and natural beauty. Using hand tools make wooden crafts such as mallets, cook on a fire, create a natural art installation in the woods, build a shelter or undertake woodland management tasks. You will come together as a team in a way you never have before, and leave feeling that you have been on a mini break!

Please contact us if you are interested in a team day with EcoWild.


EcoWild offers respite days for groups which may include cooking lunch together on a fire, a range of natural art and crafts, the use of hand tools, wildlife identification and tracking, shelter building, foraging and of course boiling the kelly kettle for a fresh air cuppa or two.

Please contact us to find out how we can tailor a Respite Day to meet your needs.

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