New members of the sett spotted


Until now we thought there were only 5 young badgers resident in the sett, as they have been the only ones visible, but the sett has more occupants than first estimated. And its not this deer who was also caught on the camera trap early one morning! Last night at about 9pm I watched 2 adult badgers busy changing their bedding. They left the sett and went about 100 meters into the bracken, which then shook and shook for a few minutes. One badger then dragged the freshly cut fern bedding backwards all the way to the sett and down into it. I didn’t get any pictures of the adults however, hence the deer.

We’ve also been lucky enough to watch two adult female Roe deer, one with a small fawn, grazing in the field next to the woods in the middle of the afternoon! The children who were returning from one of our Woodland Wildlife Adventures were able to observe them at close range, and the deer seemed unperturbed. With so many dogs around at that time of day, many keen to chase and kill a deer, we can only hope that the fawn survives.

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