Woodland People

With this group my intention has been to offer a space where we bring all that is sitting within us through our daily interactions in this volatile and uncertain world, and lean into the wider systems and processes we are part of at the level of biosphere, with the part of our psyches that is innately intertwined with the energies of Gaia, cosmos, and Deep Time – so that we can regularly access and be familiar with that of ourselves that is beyond definition by culture, habit and life circumstances. 

The widening of consciousness in a space of kinship is intended to be at once holding and expansive, familiar and a safe space to allow in mystery and all that which is beyond our eyes – valuing the knowledge we hold, the wisdom in our bones, and all that is as yet unknown. I offer the sessions in quarters of the solar cycle, as a course of three.  To allow some forward or perhaps spiralling motion and a sense of evolution and growth within the group there will be themes and visions for us to build on each quarter.  At the end of each three sessions, participants will be invited to offer something back to the group, in response to what has grown / moved in them during the sessions.

This is a place where you can be facilitated to reflect on your responses to the Climate and Ecological Crises, and where we can experience ourselves as part of a greater living whole, through practices and discussion in the woods or online. We use Woodland Mindfulness and Deep Ecology practices, embodied practices, discussion, exploration. This session is an extension of our personal practice in nature. Many reading this will already create time to be alone in nature as a fundamental part of being alive and well. Here we come together as kin, in a way that supports us with the epic challenge of meeting the realities of our time, and bringing our fullness to the thread we weave in life’s tapestry.

Embodied practices that are facilitated in the sessions allow us to access our body intelligence and expansive minds. Have you ever wondered one or more of the following: Can I be present with the enormity of this precipice of human existence, while still living with joy and gratitude? How does my reciprocal belonging in/with the living world affect my experience of day-to-day life? How do I find greater and more enduring support for my everyday struggles by being in nature? What does it mean to experience myself as just one species among many, interconnected?

This is Practical Deep Ecology as self-led activism, working with mindful awareness and deep earth-body wisdom to face the realities of our time. Accessing our experience of inter-being is a process of taking what we know as scientifically and observably true about our interconnectedness with the biosphere, with Gaia, and turning it into a felt knowing.

Moving from the compelling and inspiring work of so many like-minds; Merlin Sheldrake in Entangled Life, Arne Naess and the Deep Ecology Movement, Joanna Macy’s Systems Theory, Robin Wall Kimmerer and many others, into the practice of consciously inhabiting our interconnectivity or inter-being.

This is a precursor to fully facing the realities of our time, the climate and ecological crises, the geopolitical dynamics and economic structures in mayhem. These situations – energy prices spike and so do fossil fuel company profits, billions spent on HS2 and so many other votives to the god of economic growth, while the earth’s systems stumble and fall into fires, droughts, floods – are not comprehensible through our rational mind alone. Some would argue it is our linear and reductionist Western thought process that has created some of the raging paradoxes of our time. (see Ian McGilchrist; The Master and his Emissary)

These sessions are practices in interbeing. As a guide into an experience, I seek to welcome and trust whatever emerges. An invitation to be present, open, trusting, and non judgmental of ourselves and others can be liberating – but it can also be challenging at first. Through dedicated practice we might know ourselves in new ways. And we might access the incredible power of acting on behalf of something greater than ourselves, such as in service to Gaia, the complex, self-regulating and epic force of life on earth. 

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