For many, Wintertime is a time of nestling down, getting snug whenever we can and turning in toward the home nest. For some it’s a time of cold toes and noses even under the blankets, a nest of a different sort, but a refuge all the same.

But come the onset of Spring, the lengthening of days can be the call that starts to draw us out of our Wintering, chosen or necessary, into a time when we might resume a more outward look, noticing the advance of green on the land, spotting those old familiars or looking to create new relationship with the living world.

And what better time than this? Yes, the weather is unpredictable, and that unexpected northeast wind may be a bitter biter still, but the blooming of Spring is nigh on shouting “come quick or you’ll miss me”. 

Have you seen them? The birds! 

They are weaving life through the land. Weaving patterns of flight back and forth, weaving song from the tops of trees and some have already got themselves down to the resolute discipline of nest weaving! It’s all there for the seeing. 

Right now Magpies are showing us how, handless, they weave a dwelling of renewal out of twigs they break from the living trees, passing them beak to beak, working with constancy and intelligence with cackles and chatters (who knows what they say).

Maybe now’s the time to wander and sit in your patch, being charmed by the fluting Blackbird, being watched by the Robin and scolded by a Wren.

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