For many, Wintertime is a time of nestling down, getting snug whenever we can and turning in toward the home nest. For some it’s a time of cold toes and noses even under the blankets, a nest of a different sort, but a refuge all the same. But come the onset of Spring, the lengthening […]

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Woodland People

With this group my intention has been to offer a space where we bring all that is sitting within us through our daily interactions in this volatile and uncertain world, and lean into the wider systems and processes we are part of at the level of biosphere, with the part of our psyches that is

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EcoWild is 10!

EcoWild Board Member Owain Jones reflects on 10 years of EcoWild. It is an honour to be associated with EcoWild and to write this reflection. I have been involved in thinking about, researching, writing and teaching about the environmental crisis since the early 1990s. Then I was drawing upon pioneering books such as Tim O’Riordan’s

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Children Roaming

Leaving primary school for secondary is a big change that we all remember, as life changes dramatically at this age. The 27 children in Year 6 at St Mary’s in Timsbury will soon be spreading their wings to secondary and the new horizons this brings. In symbolism of this transition, during their last term they have

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Weather change – Culture Change: the influence of climate change on culture

What will we do as we move towards a less stable climate, as extreme weather becomes more common?  Already we are a species divorced from the natural environment, in concert with which we spent millennia evolving. We have lost not only our intuition, instinct and responsiveness to the rhythms of the living world, but also

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