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How are you doing today? The world creaks back into action but still many of us cannot go back into our normal activities.

The Community Farm, Chew Covid19 Response Fund

The wonderful people at the Community Farm have been fundraising for a Covid19 response in order to reach out to those who would have enjoyed coming to the farm but are unable to do so.

Everything has gone online it seems, but the remote experience has its limits, so we are doing a completely tech-free offer!

We are putting together natural

Greyfield Woods and other beauty spots busier than ever

Covid 19 – Some describe this time by saying we’re all on the same sea but in different vessels. 

Yes we’re all in this together, but with so many different outlooks. There is widespread compassion for the plight of those in struggle. But that compassion finds its limit for many when their residential area is inundated with record numbers of visitors, with the ensuing parking and litter problems. Small worries some may say, in the face of global crisis. But everyone’s experience is valid – its their truth.

So what happens if we take the buzzard’s (or kite’s – also

Children Roaming

Leaving primary school for secondary is a big change that we all remember, as life changes dramatically at this age. The 27 children in Year 6 at St Mary’s in Timsbury will soon be spreading their wings to secondary and the new horizons this brings. In symbolism of this transition, during their last term they have the chance to set off into the landscape around the school where they have spent the last 7 years and navigate their way to local landmarks.  Weekly EcoWild sessions take them along footpaths, up and down hills, learning about wildlife and about the history of

Weather change – Culture change… the influence of climate change on culture

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What will we do as we move towards a less stable climate, as extreme weather becomes more common? 

Already we are a species divorced from the natural environment, in concert with which we spent millennia evolving. We have lost not only our intuition, instinct and responsiveness to the rhythms of the living world, but also our ability to think outside. Not to think “outside the box”, I do mean think outside.

The important things in our world are all done inside. The things that are valued; law, medicine, business, even arts and

peak bluebell

The phenomenal bluebells are almost over now, and leaf cover is providing some decent shade for the hot days as well as cover on rainy days. What a great place to spend every season.

Ethereal Greyfield Woods


winter mornings are too magical for words… which is good because whose brain works on a winter morning?!

Rowan in Rowan

Rowan wearing Rowan berries


Autumn colour from Amethyst Deceiver and Russula fungi, rowan berry and elder bead jewellry, and beech leaves

last night on the camera trap

last night on the camera trap. While at the badger sett 8 badgers were observed coming in and out. Its hard to tell the adults from the young now.

last night on the camera trap. While at the badger sett 8 badgers were observed coming in and out. Its hard to tell the adults from the young now.

New members of the sett spotted


Until now we thought there were only 5 young badgers resident in the sett, as they have been the only ones visible, but the sett has more occupants than first estimated. And its not this deer who was also caught on the camera trap early one morning! Last night at about 9pm I watched 2 adult badgers busy changing their bedding. They left the sett and went about 100 meters into the bracken, which then shook and shook for a few minutes. One badger then dragged the freshly cut fern bedding backwards all the way to the sett and down