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We aim to engage people with the living world through woodland and community farm based activities including tool and craftwork, foraging, natural art, fire making and cooking, wildlife exploration, shelter making, imagination, mindful practice and deepening into our intrinsic interconnection with all life.

Think about EcoWild as your partner in nature.

Since early 2013 we have been taking groups of children and adults out in an inspiring natural environment and giving them chance to find their own special connection that will stimulate curiosity, relieve tension, bring a sense of peace and connectedness, and open the door to the deep inner missing link that is their ancestral birthright; a sense of ease in the outdoor environment.

Our partners in nature

We are commissioned to deliver sessions for several local schools, businesses and charities.

We have a working relationship with other organisations who have an overlap of interest, and are always interested to hear from new projects whose work connects with ours.

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Successive well researched studies highlight the vital importance of reconnecting to the natural world. If you want to know more some of these are linked below.

Forest Schools: impact on young children in England and Wales

RSPB / Natural England: Biodiversity & Mental Health

National Trust: Natural Childhood

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